Friday, October 19, 2012

Mission Statement for, the successful unwinding of 90% of all credit card defaults since the year 2000.

If I succeed in getting 90% of all credit card defaults unwound since the year 2000, then I can feel like I contributed something to society. 

I have done extensive research since 2007 and believe eventually somebody will bring down the credit card companies credit protector program. The credit card companies need to take responsibility for 90% of all credit card defaults since the year 2000.

Sometime back in the 90's, the credit card companies substituted an unregulated, Credit Card Protection Insurance Program that was charging 20 to 30 times more than what they should have been charging. In essence, the credit card companies took away a consumer's best option for protecting their credit rating should a legitimate emergency arise that required them to suspend their debt payments.

It is very important to acknowledge that debt suspension, or lowering of a payment because of a hardship, is entirely different than debt forgiveness. 

Regulated debt suspension insurance was never offered by the credit card companies, and as a result millions of credit card customers have been sued and placed in additional dire straights by the very same villains who CAUSED the original customer default by not offering an affordable, regulated debt suspension program.

If you believe that financial terrorism is in many ways equal to or worse than other forms of terrorism, (the lack of blood or violence lulls people into thinking nothing is really wrong, creating its own brand of brutality), then please support my efforts that were started in 2007 and continue onward to this day.
Recently, in the summer of 2012, and over 4 and 1/2 years after I started my protest website,  the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fined the Credit Card Companies close to a BILLION DOLLARS for the manner in which they marketed the Credit Protection insurance to their customers. This basically vindicated my 2007 warning four and one half years later!
However, I am concerned that the credit card companies may have gotten off the hook much too easily.

Here is the bottom line...If you owned a credit card and did not purchase credit card protection insurance that was priced between 79 cents to 1.09 per 100 dollars of debt, per month, you made the right decision!

You should have instead been offered credit card debt suspension protection insurance for around 2 TO 4 CENTS per hundred dollars, NOT 79 cents to 1.09 per hundred dollars!  

The credit card companies stole the BEST WAY you had to not default in the event you lost your job, were a crime victim, had a medical emergency, were CareGiving for a family member and could no longer work, or perhaps  were in the middle of a natural disaster, or a fire that ravaged your home.

The credit card companies either profited from you to an obscene degree if you purchased credit protector insurance, or you may have ended up defaulting because you knew that protection insurance put at a greater risk of defaulting if you kept paying it for years.

Until 90% of all credit card defaults since 2000 are over turned, justice will not have been served, and the Bernie Madoffs of the world who originally substituted an overpriced and unregulated credit card protection insurance program versus a much lower priced, affordable, debt suspension insurance program, will have gotten away with their own brand of financial terrorism.

How did I arrive at 90% and not a higher or lower number of defaults to be unwound?  I don't think everybody was a victim, a small group of people probably ran up their credit cards. But I also believe the majority of defaulters were honest people caught up in a dishonest program that left them with no way to protect themselves in times of a dire circumstance in their life. The penalties, fees, and ruined credit rating that then resulted should be reversed and compensated for. 

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